"TAD-LEN" is a company dealing with production, trade and services. It is located in the former Leszczyńskie Province in Zielona Wieś near Rawicz. It has been operating since 1992 and is managed by two brothers: Tadeusz and Leon Świtała. It is entirely financed by the Polish capital. Its specialty are  field and orchard sprayers, and pumps and parts for the sprayers, the company also provides transportation services in the truck.
The company business activity covers the territory of the whole country and the eastern countries such as Belarus and Ukraine. The company’s goal is to ensure the highest quality of products such as the diaphragm pump, various types of sprayers and jointed and telescopic shafts. We strive to continually improve production methods through the implementation of new technologies and  innovations. Initially the company only produced field and orchard pumps of an output of 60 l/min, 100 l/min, 140 l/min, 200 l/min. Currently field and orchard sprayers occupy a large part of the production.
We offer orchard sprayers also with column attachments for berry plants, and also for low and high trees. In our products we prefer sub-assemblies of the Polish origin. We use powder coating technologies which increase the corrosion resistance of the construction. Sprayers have a valid test in accordance with binding regulations and comply with European safety requirements.
We invite you to explore and then to use our trade offer.


  AGRICULTURAL MACHINES   - TL2520 hydraulics  

Trailed orchard sprayer

  - CULTIVATION GENERATOR AU 2.7   - TL3021 hydraulics   - TL1000S - 2000S (WITH 4028 OR 4039)  
  - ROTARY MOWER   - TL3021 hydraulics2      
      - TL4024 hydraulics   Suspended orchard sprayers  
      Mounted field sprayers   - TL 600S, TL 800S WITH A FAN ATTACHMENT  
  Trailed field sprayers
  - TL1015 hydraulics at the back      
  - TL1015   - TL1015, TL1018 hydraulics   Pumps  
  - TL1315   - TL1215 hydraulics   - PUMP MONSUN PPM100  
  - TL1315 hydraulics   - TL206   - PUMP PP60  
  - TL1515   - TL412   - PUMP TORNADO PPT140  
  - TL1715   - TL515   - PUMP TORNADO PPT200  
  - TL1715 hydraulics   - TL612 hydraulics at the back z tyłu   - PUMP ZEFIREK PPZ100  
  - TL2018   - TL612, TL615      
  - TL2018 hydraulics   - TL812      
      - TL815 vertical hydraulics